Amazing (and profitable) system for Real Estate Agents…

(1) Turning a regular For Sale sign into one of those big expensive Photoboards and

(2) Talking to your prospect WHILE THEY ARE STANDING in front of your listed house. How powerful is that!


As you can see from the video above, we have melded several technologies to give you an unbelievable edge.

We supply an all-weather sticker with a QR code.  You place that on your regular “For Sale” sign outside a property.  Your prospect sees your sign (and maybe others, but YOURS has a QR code and a text message alternative)

They want to know NOW about this property, so they scan the code with their smartphone – or if they are a little challenged by that (some still are) they just send an SMS.  They get an SMS back with the link to the mobile website for that property – either your existing one, or one we have created for you.  They immediately get details of the property – just as if you had spent over $1,000 for one of those big photoboards – and a tap-to-call button that rings you or your office.

But (and here’s the POWERFUL part!) – you, the agent, get an SMS to your phone instantly with the phone number of the prospect!  If you wish you can call them while they are hot – standing right there in front of the property.  You answer their questions,  and talk to them about an inspection.

How great is that!?!?! 

By now you are starting to understand the POWER of this system.

But wait! as they say – there’s more!  The prospect’s number also goes into your SMS database* for marketing.  Now you know what kind of property interests them, you can tailor your marketing to that person with updates on that particular property (price changes, off-the-market-but-here’s-another, etc)

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*SMS marketing can be handled in-house if you already have a system for it, or we can provide a done-for-you service.  We ensure compliance with the ACA rules for direct marketing via SMS. (text messaging)


Mr Fair Go