Fair Go Communications – with “Mr Fair Go” at the helm – has enjoyed nearly two decades helping customers with their internet and telco needs.

Not that “done-for-you communications & web technology”  is all that happens here!
Is your mother country acting a little less “motherly” lately?  Eyeing your retirement savings perhaps?  What about moving at least part of your future to a South Pacific paradise where there is no income or corporate or capital gains tax, no death duties, and no winter?  Where a relatively modest investment can qualify you for residency, and where investment returns can be like they were in “the good old days”?  Sounds good to me!  If it sounds good to you, get in touch – I do happen to have the answers.

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Go here for Social Media (LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest) and Google marketing, SMS marketing, Press Releases, Telco needs including NBN and ADSL, Website creation, hosting and maintenance, domains etc. etc.

TheMobileSite.com.au – For Mobile-Phone-specific needs: Sites, Apps, SMS marketing, Mobile marketing.

ToLike.Us – To get more “Likes” (and create more “Buzz”) for your Facebook page

This one!Instant-Info.com.au – For Real Estate Agents and their buyers and sellers

24×7 Virtual Office – You don’t need a cast of thousands in your office these days.  Not with FairGoCom’s Virtual Office on your side 24×7.   From having your…

Phone answered in your company name, to…
Qualified callers forwarded to you/your staff,
Surveys conducted,
Prospects qualified,
Click-to-Call for your website,
Toll-free 1300 and 1800 and 13 numbers,
Hosted VoIP PBX,
SMS Marketing done-for-you

…and more.